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We have more than 18,000 raw materials for the production of oil perfumes (essences), which are used in the manufacture of aromatic scents, cosmetic products, creams, and fresheners.
In addition to food flavorings that are used in the manufacture of biscuits, ice cream, candy, and some healthy food products and medicines.

more than


raw materials

Eau De Toilette

It is designed from the same ingredients as the original European and Eastern perfume essences, unique with its lower concentration and economical price that suits everyone.

Bakhoor Collection

We have many types of high-end oriental dokhoons that are designed from agarwood, sandalwood, mixtures of musk, saffron, and some types of rare flowers that are characterized by a refreshing and attractive scent, resulting in a wonderful combination of the fragrant scent of the past mixed with the modernity of the present that wafts everywhere.

Pocket Perfumes

ZAYNA Perfumes Company designed Jeep Perfume in a small package with a beautiful, attractive shape to be your constant companion wherever you go and wherever you are.

Eau De Perfumes

It is designed from the best types of perfume essences and the finest and most important primary ingredients with high concentration to last a long time and exude a wonderful effect and distinctive stability that takes you to a new world full of luxury and sophistication.

Niche perfumes

White, black, red, bordo, blue, yellow, green, grey, brown, violet, pink, beige, and all products of niche colors with their soft, gentle fur and their wonderful new aromatic design, distinguished by strong and attractive scents that have been chosen to suit your taste and to be always At the forefront of everyone's attention at all times and occasions.

Bamboo Room Scent

Air freshener diffusers are designed from bamboo sticks and natural tree wood to suit people of good taste who love everything that is derived from the spirit and beauty of nature.

Home Spray

Patchouli, lavender, white flowers, cotton flower, roses of all kinds, and oriental perfumes such as musk, amber, oud, and leather, in addition to fresh perfumes such as natural fruits, herbs, citrus, aquatic plants, and other refreshing flavorings have been added to the group of fragrant, distinguished air fresheners. With its large collection, it has multiple uses in the home, car, furniture, clothes, and office.

private label

Create your own perfume

Do you want to be a pioneer in a successful project that will bring you abundant profits by investing in perfumes and cosmetics?

  • Do you have an idea to find your own fragrance?

  • Do you want to turn this idea into reality?

  • Are you looking for a partner or manufacturer that will help you get the best results at the lowest costs?

Then all you have to do is contact us. We are ZAYNA Company for the manufacture of perfumes, incense, and cosmetic supplies, your partners in success and excellence.
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"Glamor Your Presence With The Authenticity of Your Fragrances".
ZAYNA International Company is a brand name that was established in Turkey, Istanbul, We manufacture and sell perfumes, incense, cosmetic essences and food flavorings approved globally by the most skilled chemists and manufacturing experts to put in your hands.
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